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Strengthening diversity to make Tilburg University a better place

TiU International represents staff members in the University Council and the TiSEM Faculty Council. We believe that maintaining excellent research and teaching reputation can only be ensured in a university with strong international focus and global engagement.

Elections 2024

You can vote for TiU International in the University Council Elections 2024. We also provide candidates for the TiSEM Faculty Council Elections 2024.

Why should you vote for us?

Preserving our international identity

  • We believe that academic excellence requires an international focus.
  • We will fight for our international colleagues and for keeping Tilburg University international.
  • We are against mandating Dutch as a teaching language for all programs. Each program should decide individually what’s best for their students.
  • We value the diversity international students and staff bring to the community because it increases the plurality of thinking and benefits Dutch society.

Maintaining excellence in research and teaching

  • We will safeguard the implementation of Recognition & Rewards to ensure our reputation in research and teaching does not suffer.
  • Invest in Ph.D. students and ensure their mental health and social safety receives absolute priority.
  • Provide the environment for researchers and teachers to excel.

Improving working conditions

  • Keeping buildings open long benefits everyone with non-standard work schedules
  • Improve access to housing for international faculty and graduate students
  • Pay for voluntary Dutch classes for international faculty and compensate for time spent learning the language
  • Improve commuting by train for those with long commutes by offering 1st class tickets

Our candidates for the University Council

David Schindler

Associate Professor, Economics Department (TiSEM)

Aimen Taimur

Ph.D. Candidate,

Carol Ou

Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management Department (TiSEM)

Jean-Malik Dumas

Senior Lecturer, Strategy & Entrepreneurship Department (TiSEM)

Shakya Wickramanayake

Ph.D. Candidate,

Gubing Wang

Assistant Professor, Clinical and Medical Psychology Department (TSB)

Sharon Ong

Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Department (TSHD)

Arabela Ichim

Management Department (TiSEM)

Eirini Spiliotopoulou

Associate Professor, Information Systems and Operations Management Department (TiSEM)

Daan Horbach

Ph.D. Candidate, Tranzo, Scientific center for care and wellbeing (TSB)

Brenda Espinosa Apráez


Bas Werker

Professor, Econometrics & Operations Research Department (TiSEM)

Jan Potters

Professor, Economics Department (TiSEM)

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